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Please check in often to
"See What's Cooking!"
Due to the fresh nature of what we are preparing and our commitiment to offer only the best quality products our menu changes quite often. We use lots of local and fresh products as they are available.
Momma reserves the right to her whims, and creative inspiration. Theres always something fresh and new in the works at MY MOMMA'S. Visit our Food Truck and see what's cooking, or  checkout our current offerings and place an order for local pickup...and remember, Momma KNOWS......what's good for you!
Our Food Truck  will be at various locations in Northwest Wisconsin each week for the new season starting in April 2022 and some special venues this season, so follow us on facebook to see where we will be and what specials we are featuring for the week. 
Please see our current offerings page  to see what we have available and contact us to arrange where to pickup your orders.
                                                                                                      Momma :)

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