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 What's in the Cooler Today!


Chicken pot pie 1 lb containers $7.50 with pie crust 

Sausage and potato Soup 1 lb Container $9.50

Sausage and peppers and onions min wt 1 lb $10

Sausage and peppers and onions and pasta $10

Ratatouille 8oz mason jars $6.50 (.50 return on jars)

Eggplant French Toast $10

Raw pizza appetizers $8



Coffee Toffee Shortbread $5

Coconut Truffles $4



Barely Crafted fresh organic juices

Carrot/Apple Cidar 8oz $7

Apple/Carrot 8oz $6

Black Grape Juice 8oz $7

Black Grape Chia Pudding 8oz $8.50 




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