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My Momma's is all about love... living a life that matters, striving to be excellent, sharing a positive and uplifting attitude, and leaving the world a bit better for our having been here. 

Our delight comes through expressing that love for others through food. Our highest goal is to share joy and enhanced health, by offering food that looks like art, tastes amazing, and offer superior nutrition to the foods we are re-inventing.


In particular we are dedicated to giving those people with gluten sensitivity or food issues a place to freely enjoy a wide range of foods and flavors without fear. You are not the outcast here....this place is all about you.


We are working to introduce people to healthier versions of the foods they love, in a different way. Like cheesecake made out of cashews or burgers made out of nuts and veggies, we offer a place to explore, experiment, and experience  these "new" ways to eat.


Many of our sweets use natural alternatives to white sugar with lower glycemic indexes and more fiber and nutrition. Some are totally raw, super delicious, and full of satisfying flavor without the guilt.


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