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Healthier Desserts and Sweets 

The following contain no refined sugars

                      Coconut Truffles                         

Smoked Paprika Raw Brownie

Coconut Comfort

Cashew Cheesecakes

Cashew Cheesecake Bites

Raw Brownies

Raw Chocolate Pie

Brazil Nut Cranberry Truffle


Candies and Traditional Sweets

Butter Crunch Toffee

Cheesecake and Fruit tarts

Cannoli Cream Cups

 Peanut Butter Buckeyes

Caramel with Pecan and Chocolate

Brandied Fruit Filled Cookie

Cream Puffs and Eclairs

Please call for package sizes and prices

If you love it, but don’t see it, we can make it…..GLUTEN FREE.


                                                                        Momma :)


 Please Note: all products are not available at all times.

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