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Sandwich Bread Mix

Here is a super easy bread that tastes like real bread and does not fall apart. You can make it fresh whenever you want a great bread for sandwiches or toast, or slice it your way and freeze to have it whenever you like.My Momma's Sandwich Bread contains NO chemicals, or preservatives.  Finally a real sandwich...yay!

Here's a loaf you can live with! It contains lots of whole grains and none of the weird chemicals that you have come to expect in Gluten-Free Bread. While we are still working on getting that muffin top that is so illusive, the flavor and performance on this mix is about as good as any we have tasted, and no additives to deal with.

Here was a quick bun that we made with an ice cream scoop, you can use a wet hand to smooth the tops but we were in a hurry and just wanted a rustic roll. They have a nice crumb and are flexible and hold up to your burger without falling apart.  

Grilled cheese? Yes please! Something so simple yet so delicious. Sorry it did not last long enough to take better actually not sorry at all, it was scrumptious.

Check out how its made!

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