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Pie Crust Mix

A super versatile pie crust mix that lends itself to endless opportunities to create amazing pies, tarts, crackers and hand pies. Easy to roll and work with. You will be a master with this mix.

Apple Tarts; Fresh Granny Smith apples baked down with fresh lemon juice, brown sugar, a pat of butter, and a sprinkle of cinnamon and baked. We glazed our tarts with a warm apricot jam for gloss when they came out of the oven. Can you just close your eyes and smell the love? 

Here's one of our favorite ways to use the pie crust. Pop Tarts!! You can fill these with any filling, in any shape, with any icing you like.

We love using organic strawberry preserves. You can customize to your hearts content and serve up healthier chemical free treats that will become a family favorite.

Ok, so who does not love a hand pie? These are awesome filled with meat or vegetables and make a super grab and go meal. You can do sweet pies, or savory empanadas, but you better make at least a double batch because they will go fast....just saying :)

Check out how easy it is to make!

Here's how easy it is to work with!

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