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 My Momma's Signature Lunches 

Served from 9am to 4pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

All selections available on an artisan baked roll, fresh flour tortilla, 2 corn tortillas, or salad and include your choice of one side dish.


Sausage Burger: Italian sausage patty flavored with green and red bell peppers, garlic and onions and smothered with additional peppers and onions and provolone cheese. $9.50

Barbequed Chicken Burger: Chicken patty made with grade A chicken breast made with onion, brown rice and barbeque sauce, sauted and served with romaine lettuce and ranch dressing.$9.50

Shredded Chicken Tacos: Two corn tortillas served with shredded chicken breast, romaine lettuce, buffalo sauce, and blue cheese dressing. $8

Roast Beef and Provolone:  with romaine lettuce and horseradish mayo. $9.50

Raw Veggie Burger: Raw dehydrated burger made with fresh vegetables, nuts and mushrooms and fresh herbs, covered with  sauted red peppers, onion, garlic, olive oil and shards of sharp provolone. $10.50

Eggplant Sandwich: Eggplant slices pan fried and covered with mozarella cheese and red peppers and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and basil. $9.50

Hummus Wrap with raw veggies: A thick spread of chickpea hummus surrounds a filling of romaine, red cabbage, and carrot. $9.50

Hummus wrap with cooked peppers and onions: a flexible wrap filled with chickpea hummus, and sauted red bell peppers, onions, and garlic in extra virgin olive oil. $9.50


Choice of one side:


 Potato Salad: with chopped veggies and mayo.

Potato Salad: with chopped veggies and olive oil and vinegar dressing.

Side salad: fresh greens with assorted veggies and choice of dressing.

Pasta salad: Italian pasta salad with salami and provolone.

Additional sides $2.50


Chicken Caesar Salad: Sauted chicken breast bits with romaine lettuce, caesar dressing, and Chex garlic croutons $9

Zucchini Pasta: raw zucchini "spaghetti" tossed in a cashew basil pesto. $8

Raw Medditereanean Tart: Dehydrated zucchini bread topped with cashew pesto, zucchini, sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, extra virgin olive oil and shredded basil. $9.50

Jamaican Black Beans: Sweet and mildly spicy black beans and peppers slow cooked with sweet potato, peppers and white rice. $


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