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Momma's Artisan Flour Mix

Momma's Mix is our very versatile mix that we use in countless cookies and cakes. It is our all purpose flour and can be substituted for regular wheat flour in lots of applications. Our mix is proprietary  and has been developed after much trial and error. It is soy free, chemical free and non-GMO. Use this in some of your classic family recipes and make some magic.

Here is one of our signature cookie mixes, the Chocolate Gingerbread Cookie. We love this cookie and do it all kinds of shapes depending on the time of year. Frosty here has a chocolatey and spicy heart. The cookies are crisp on the outside with a soft and chewy center. We coat them with a Royal Icing for crunch, and add a bit of personality to each cookie.

Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing. These are a favorite to many who have tried them. The cake is moist and close to fat free, so you can enjoy the decadent icing without guilt. These are actually good for you, filled with fresh vegetables and fruit. 

Heres a classic example of how Anise Cookies were reimagined using My Momma's all purpose flour. Since we could not roll it into ropes and tie it in knots the way my grandmother used to do, we used a small cookie scoop to make balls and baked them that way. They may not look exactly the same, but they sure taste like a happy memory.

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