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Meal Plan Services

We are now offering our delicious foods in meal plans! Now you don't have to worry about what to eat on a daily basis. All of our foods are prepared fresh and made with much love and care, you won't find any pre-processed stuff here! All of our meals are packed with flavor and are of course Gluten-Free and Celiac Safe. We also source our supplies from our local community as much as we can. Our goal is to provide food that is clean, scrumptious and healthier than alternatives. We strive for our food to be Flavorful, Filling and Fairly Priced!

Happy Eating:)

Important Note:
All meal plans provide you with 2-4 of each of the entrees listed for the particular week unless requested otherwise in the note section at the checkout. 
Contact us if you have any questions :)732-988-2264

How to Order

Pick a Plan

Work Week:

2 Meals Per Day

5 Days Per Week

=10 Meals

Work Week +:

3 Meals Per Day

5 Days Per Week

= 15 Meals

Full Week:

3 Meals Per Day

7 Days Per Week

=21 Meals

Pick your Add-ins

(if any)


Add to Cart


Add to Cart


Add to Cart

Important Note:

All orders must be placed before 10pm on Mondays  and will be available for pick-up on Fridays for the following week at your chosen pick-up point.

Proceed to Checkout

Pick a delivery location & Pay

Print a copy of your receipt

Present a copy of your receipt to pickup your order 

Take home and enjoy =)

Available Pickup Locations

Saint Croix Falls Farmers Market

@My Momma's Food Truck

203 S Washington St

Saint Croix Falls WI 54024

Hours: Sat 10am-1pm

My Momma's

3848 County Road F

Weyerhaeuser WI 54895

Hours: Fri 9am-5pm

Sat-Thurs: Closed to Public

Main St Market

1 S Main St 

Rice Lake WI 54868

Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-7pm

Sat: 10am-5pm

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