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A little something SWEET

We are so delighted to be able to offer many of our favorite foods that we thought we would never have again when we had to go gluten free.    Gluten Free foods that taste as good or better than the wheat versions we all remember. Food is so much a part of who we are, and now we can enjoy those flavors and memories without fear of suffering the consequences of eating them. It gives us great joy to share them with you.

GF Ginger Lemon Scones

 These scones are super delicious. We use fresh gingeroot that we candy, dehydrate and grind fine to give these scones a spicy hit of pure ginger flavor. Fresh lemons add a real fresh pop of tart flavor to the sugar icing. 

GF Blueberry Struesal Muffins

These are a decadently rich GF muffin. We freely admit they are not light on butter or sugar but soooo good. Fresh blueberries are liberally added to this rich buttery cake, and a crunchy struesal topping is baked on top. 

GF Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies

Rich chocolate combined with ginger and cloves, this cookie is soft and chewy with a crisp coating of sugar icing. Each cookie is handpainted and no two cookies are alike. I must say these are my all time favorite and very much anticipated by many who have enjoyed them over the years. They are available in many designs and sizes. You cannot eat one without feeling like a child again, go ahead....try one, they make you feel good.

GF Nut Shortbread

Mexican Wedding Cookie

A crisp and nut filled cookie. We use a combination of almonds, pecans, and walnuts which gives these cookies a wonderful depth of flavor. Full of protein and heart healthy nuts. Dusted in powdered sugar for a sweet finish.  

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