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Fresh Raw Selections

Our Raw and Veggie  selections change seasonally according to what is fresh and available. We source our products from our small family farm as well as local growers whenever possible. We make every effort to use only the best quality ingredients and avoid GMO and chemical and pesticide laden foods.


Fresh salads vary according to what is fresh and available. They can be custom ordered with your favorite combinations and dressings. 

Chicken Wraps

We love the freedom to improvise and use what is local, available and fresh. This is sliced chicken breast and veggies in a rice paper wrapper. Our homemade, gluten free dressings make this a great light lunch selection.

Zucchini and Carrot Roll

Not only is this versitile wrap vibrant and healthy but can be transformed to suit your personal taste by your choice of homemade dipping sauces. Oriental, Ranch, Balsamic, Caesar, Italian, Blue Cheese are just some of the homemade, Gluten Free dressings we make daily. 

Raw Open Face Sandwiches

These are scrumptious totally raw and vegan. For anyone learning about, and new to raw foods, it is a great way to experience something new with the flavors you are familiar with. The base is a dehydrated zucchini, and flax bread slathered with a creamy cashew pesto, and piled high with fresh veggies. A basil infused extra virgin olive oil adds the finishing touch. 


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