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  Momma's Menu

because Momma knows...what's good for you!

D.O.G Menu


Theo's Snack-a-doo's


Fresh people grade foods and snacks, made with the best ingredients available. USDA grade A meats, fresh vegetables and fruits, flax, brown/white rice, nutritional yeast, real cheeses and yougurt, and no soy or wheat.

 Everything is made fresh in our kitchens, by our artisan chefs.  Our goal is to offer better nutrition, chemical and preservative free for our beloved four pawed family members.

 (So good, you can eat them too!  Just remember......they  ARE for your dog!




"The Elvis" Pupscotti

A biscotti sytle cookie just for pups. The Elvs Pupscotti is flavored with crunchy peanut butter, fresh banana, and bits of real bacon for a drool worthy treat, that is sure to please. $3


"Chicken Chips"

A super crunchy round chip made with USDA grade chicken breast, fresh vegetables, nutritional yeast, flax and rice. Dehydrated to maintain the nutrition of the raw vegetables. $3


"Cheeseburger Chips" 

A dehydrated chip full of real beef, cheese, rice, flax and vegetables. $3


"Sweet Potato Chews"

Fresh sweet potatoes blanched in chicken broth for added flavor and dehydrated to a chewy leather texture. A sweet, nutritious and chewy treat.  $2.50


Prepared Foods

Chicken legs and rice: For dogs that can use a bit more fat in their diet. This is made using the darkmeat of the chicken, with fresh veggies and rice. (not for dogs with sensitive stomachs)

3oz  $1       6oz $2     8oz $2.65


Chicken breast with brown or white rice and veggies: This is a great dish for the finiky eater and those with sensitive stomachs. Also a nice add in to dry foods to make them scrumptious.

3oz $1.50      6oz $3    8oz $4.


Chicken with brown rice and Sweet Potato: Fresh chicken breast and cooked sweet potato with brown rice and green beans.

3oz. $1.50     6oz $3    8oz  $4


Chopmeat and rice and veggies: Fresh chuck chopmeat fully cooked and combined with various combo of veggies 

3oz $1.50    6oz $3     8oz $4


Chopmeat and white rice: this is the one the vet usually reccomends when our dogs are feeling poorly or having digestive issues. Very easy on the stomach.

3oz $1.50    6oz $3     8oz $4


The veggies change according to what is currently fresh and or available. We use carrots, sweet potato, white potato, green beans, zucchini, peas, greens. You can check at the time of order to see what the current choices are.

All meals are frozen immediately to preserve freshness. 

Custom orders and formulas are also available upon request, by special advance order.


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