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Yes it's true....

We are closing our New Jersey facility and moving operations. No we are not going out of business :) 


My Momma's will be suspending all operations on April 8th, 2017 and taking an extended hiatus as we will be  re-locating to the Mid-West. We have the rare opportunity to make a positive change not only in our personal lives but also work towards improving the food supply on a larger scale.


We are moving to a 60 acre farm in Barron County Wisconsin, where we have the opportunity to work with local farmers and produce food that is healthier, chemical and GMO free. Starting this season we anticipate in co-operation with exitisng farmers to plant many acres of non GMO corn and beans with the understanding that no pesticides or Round-Up will be ever be used on this land. We are hoping to start a movement towards organic growing, leading by expample and educating about the true dangers of current accepted factory farming methods.

A larger facility to produce  My Momma's products, of course is also in the works. 


We are not sure what the future will hold, but we wanted to let you know what was going on and tell you how much we have appreciated and valued serving you and being part of your world. We anticipate offering many of our products by mail order so please continue to check in at our web site and on our facebook page. We promise...the best is yet to come.


                                                                                  Momma :)


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