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Non GMO Pesticide Free 

 At My Momma's we believe that food in it's most natural form, grown without genetically altered seeds,  is healthiest for our bodies. We do not use pesticides or chemicals. We utilize many methods including raised beds, hydroponics, soilless growing, self watering,  along with tried and true old time methods to grow food in a natural, sustainable and healthy way. We use heirloom seeds and grow many unusual and delicious vegetables that you will not find in your local supermarket. While we do grow organically we are not currently certified organic by USDA. 

We also support our local agriculture and  buy from local farmers whenever possible.  We love making delicious foods from these sources and letting you know which farmers supplied the fresh produce.

Gluten Free 

Gluten Free Baked Goods  

Some years back it was necessary for Momma to begin to explore gluten free foods for health reasons. Being a serious foodie Momma found the available selections seriously lacking. I remember her describing her first encounter with gluten free bread as akin to seat foam....tasteless with a stick in your throat quality. Thus began a mission of love to reformulate all the well loved and familiar tastes that delight our senses and feed our souls, in a form that was healthier for our bodies and gluten free. It is Momma's delight to share all that she is learning with others that are missing the flavors and foods they love.

Momma's Foods 
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