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Our new commercial kitchen in Asbury Park

Photos of the renovation and kitchen build
My Momma's Kitchen

After close to a year of preparation and planning we are almost ready to get down to some serious renovations. If all goes according to plan we should be fully operational by  late May 2014.


Well....nothing went according to plan so opening was postponed until late September of 2014....But we are now open and it was all worth it!!

Urban Agriculture

For 24 years we having been growing on the rooftop in Asbury Park. This year we will be re-designing and replanting this space with lots of herbs and greens and vegetables to use in our new kitchen. We love this space that brings sustainable agriculture to the heart of the city.  

The Farm

 Our small family farm is a place of sanctuary and great joy for us. For over 20 years we have been building and working toward a self sufficent homestead. We do not use chemicals or pesticides. We grow organically although we are not certified organic at this time. We grow many heirloom varieties of plants, and do not grow anything that is GMO. 

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