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Welcome to MY MOMMA'S


At My Momma's things work a little differently than you are used to. (That's putting it mildly!)

With a focus on food as medicine;

We are a research and product development facility specializing in Gluten-Free Celiac safe versions of the foods you love.  We manufacture and supply our products to many local health food stores, deli's, coffee shops and restaurants. (See our "where you can find us" section for a location near you.


We also have a factory direct store located at 903 First Ave. Asbury Park located on the second floor of the Kolorworks Building. Spring store hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10am- 6pm. The store offers lots of our products as well as new products we are working on and a large selection of grab and go foods done a whole new way!


We offer a large selection of raw, vegan,vegetarian, dehydrated, baked goods, raw sweets without refined sugars,entrees, dressings, pizzas, quesadillas, breads, mixes,and snacks.


We also will do custom meal plans that cater to specific food needs. (please call for a consultation to discuss your specific dietary needs)

For a current list of what we have in the store, check out our "Whats in the Store" page.



What you can expect from MY MOMMA'S is consistantly excellent quality... in food, service and attitude....we LOVE what we do, and we care for each person we serve, just like a mother should.  We believe food IS love, and everyday should be filled with an uplifting positive attitude, and appreciation for life.

We look so forward to your becoming a part of the MY MOMMA'S family.


                                                       Momma :)

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